Brockeridge Park

Broadband stats

High speed broadband matters to modern businesses and high speed broadband is what you get at Brockeridge Park.

Since August 2022 Brockeridge Park has offered occupiers a 100Mbps symmetrical availability on a 1Gbps supply to the park. The offer of reliable high speed broadband at Brockeridge Park is extremely popular with occupiers and alongside the quality of the offices and central, convenient location, it is one of the main reasons given for choosing the development.

A few occupiers have also made use of the option to ramp up to 1 Gbps with others opting for separate dedicated supply of up to 500 Mbps.

"Broadband here is much quicker than we’ve had before. The service is also very fast and extremely reliable." Kathryn Phillips, Director, Dax International
"We were looking for new office space in a rural location with excellent connections and superb broadband, so Brockeridge Park was the obvious choice." Paula Bamfield, Business Manager, ICS Consulting
"Brockeridge Park is a million miles away from the old idea of a rural business park. These are high-quality, craftsman-built offices with superfast fibre broadband. 100% fit for purpose for 21st Century businesses." Nick Weatherall, MD, Weatherark