Business booming for BM Aluminium

BM Aluminium, the market leader in fenestration software in UK and Ireland is expanding its business, based at Brockeridge Park near Tewkesbury in terms of both personnel and office space.

Since moving to Brockeridge Park with its exceptional office space near Tewkesbury, BM Aluminium has seen its business go from strength to strength and it now works with around 480 aluminium window fabricators in the UK and Ireland.

According to Dean Hodges, BM Aluminium’s managing director, “There are, of course, many reasons for our success. The LogiKal software system that we offer under license in the UK and Ireland is the leading software for the glazing industry. It enables users to process single or multiple profile aluminium systems to complete estimations, quotes, CAD design, CNC links & manage production at all levels. Then there are superb staff and this excellent location.”

BM Aluminium moved to Brockeridge Park from Tewkesbury Business Park and the difference has been noticeable. “Not only can clients access the high-quality offices straight off the motorway with no traffic issues, but when they do arrive they are bowled over by the superb location,” Dean continues, “and that’s not all.

“Much of our work – and all of our helpdesks – work with customers on line and over the phone. The high speed broadband at Brockeridge Park is significantly better than we have experienced elsewhere and it needs to be our business depends on it. Having the dedicated line as standard is a fantastic selling point for us.”

So successful has the business been that BM Aluminium has expanded its operations on Brockeridge Park moving from 1,109 sq ft at Welland Court to a new 1,423 sq ft office within the same courtyard. The new offices will allow BM to expand the team with the addition of new customer account management personnel as well as system support staff.

With Phase 1 on the highly successful Brockeridge Park now full, a superb opportunity exists with phase 2 which has full planning consent and is ready to go. Interested occupiers should get in touch to discuss design and build options at this high-quality business park near Tewkesbury, situated in a stress-free environment with superb communications links.

Contact Caspar Tiarks direct on 01684 274 773 or speak to the agents, Rob Champion at Fisher German (01905 728444) or John Ryde Commercial (01242 576276). Early dialogue means that the development team can understand your specific requirements and establish the right lease terms or sale prices.

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