Brockeridge Park

Cavish Civil Engineering

Cavish Civil Engineering was started by Ben Holmes in March 2022. Ben set up by himself after twenty years of experience in the industry. The areas Cavish specialises in are commercial ground works and Section ‘278’ Highway Works. The company works in the West Midlands and the South West.

‘Why choose Brockeridge Park for their office?’

Brockeridge Park was primarily selected for its: -

  • Accessibility (three minutes to the M5, Junction 8)
  • The pleasant environment,
  • Generous car parking,
  • Good instant internet, “We were up and running the day after we took the unit over and that was only because out IT guy took that long. The system is ‘Plug & Play’ and very reasonably priced.
  • General overall ‘good feel of the place’.

If you want to contact Cavish Civil Engineering:-

Office: 01684 649 649



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